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10 TV Shows You Must Watch & Why

Breaking Bad Breaking Bad revolves around Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher that has just been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. In an attempt to make money to leave behind for his pregnant wife and son, he enters the crystal meth drug dealing business


The Meaning of Independence

Disclaimer: This article was written by an Indonesian who was involved as Paskibra (Pasukan Pengibar Bendera Pusaka) As we know, independence comes at a high price. For Indonesians, who had been granted independence decades ago, we must ask ourselves what exactly is the meaning of

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Mind Games

Ivan walked out of his house the way he does every other day. He wears his school jacket with empty pride and straightened his tie without a real reason. He goes through the motion of going to school. His mom drove him to school, just


Daim & Presley: 0-100 in 16 Years

Editor’s Note: Daim has since left BIS Jakarta and is currently living in Malaysia. We caught up with the two quickest men at BIS (by a whopping 150 kph) to talk racing, dream cars, and what’s ahead. Daim, Year 11, started racing in 2007 and since


The Misconception of Giving

Giving to charity allow people and organizations with good intentions to carry out those intentions, but is all giving good? Is all time spent worth it? Is everything a just cause? In the purest sense, charity is giving your own money, time or belongings in